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The Merry Blacksmith - Irish fiddle and piano duet sheet music + playalong track

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This download is for playalong tracks and a PDF score of my piano and violin arrangement of the traditional Irish folk tune "The Merry Blacksmith". It is also suitable for using as a piano accompaniment for other folk instruments (e.g. flute, accordion, madolin, banjo).

You can hear what the arrangement sounds like here.

PDF Score:

There are two versions of the accompaniment. In the demo recording I play the tune twice through. I use the first version the first time, and the second version (a drone variation in the A part) the second time. You can play it as many times as you like, and vary which version of the piano part you use whenever you want to. The two versions are really just building blocks for creating your own arrangement.

Playalong tracks:

There are two extra audio tracks included, as well as the main demo recording. One is the same as the demo but begins with a count-in, so the melody player can play along with it for practice. The other is the piano part on its own with a count-in, for a melody player to practice or perform to if the piano player isn't present.

Harmony Parts Also Available Elsewhere:

This piano part is compatible with my harmony parts arrangement for this tune. You can get the sheet music for this here.

You can use the harmony parts to build a full band arrangement.

Check out more of my celtic arrangements at
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (104KB)
  • MP3 (1MB)
  • MP3 (1MB)
  • MP3 (1MB)

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