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LG SM90 series TV - general and gaming picture settings - HDR (2019)

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This product contains 2 calibration files that will help you get a better HDR picture and understand picture controls on LG SM90 series LED LCD TVs (49" 49SM9000, 55" 55SM9000, 65" 65SM9000, 75" 75SM9000, 86" 86SM9000):

1. HDR picture settings that can be used for watching movies in Ultra HD 4K resolution with HDR and
2. HDR picture settings for playing games where the screen needs to be responsive

In both cases, calibration was done for HDMI limited range 4:2:2 YPrPb (component) signal, BT.2020 color space, SMPTE  ST.2084 EOTF, HDR-10 and white point target D65.


Settings are for reference only. There is no guarantee that they will give you the best picture which is in line with industry standards and suitable for your viewing environment (especially white balance, gamma and color management system settings that vary from unit to unit). If you want guaranteed calibrated picture, hire a professional TV calibrator (for example with ISF certificate, more info at

Additional info and links:

Calibration was done using Portrait Display CalMAN 2019, more info:

LG 55SM9000 TV unboxing:

LG 55SM9000 TV review:

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You will get the following files:
  • PDF (789KB)
  • PDF (903KB)

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