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Freight Dispatch Accelarated Course

& Essential Templates & Documents you’ll need and you will see as an Independent Freight Dispatcher. This Package has everything you need to become a successful dispatcher from scratch. It also includes our 82 page "Independent Freight Dispatching 101" Hands on Guide inside. This E-Book was created to be a Beginners Guide Crash Course . The Freight Dispatching E-Book guide will show you how to structure your Freight Dispatching Business tips and suggestions as well as how to conduct day to day business and every document you will need to start your business . If you are ready to be your own boss click the link . This E-book is designed for individual's who are able to self-learn.

What you will Receive

What you will Receive :

⁃ Carrier Call Script

⁃ Shipper Call Script

⁃ Freight Broker Call Script

⁃ Email Template

⁃ Indeed Ads Templates

⁃ How to Find Carriers and Marketing Ideas


⁃ Dispatcher Agreement Word and PDF

⁃ Carrier Profile Word and PDF

⁃ Broker Agreement Pdf

⁃ Broker Agreement Cover Sheet

⁃ 2021 LLC Annuals Fees By State

⁃ Copy Of MC Authority Letter

⁃ Copy Of Certificate Of Insurance

⁃ Copy Of W-9

⁃ Copy Of Notice Of Assignment

⁃ Load Details Pdf

⁃ Direct Shipper List 25+

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Freight Dispatch University Course


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