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48 Bar Jigs Sheet Music - 10 New Tunes for Ceilidh Bands - Violin / Viola

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PDF sheet music for 10 new 48 bar jig tunes for ceilidh bands, suitable for violin and other instruments with the same range / chromatic ability.

The download also includes a transposed alto clef version for viola (a fifth lower than the violin version).

Bonus duet versions:
Both treble and alto clef versions come with an optional bass part.
In the violin/ceilidh band version this can be played on double bass, bass guitar or cello.
In the viola version it can be played on the cello.

This download also includes audio recordings of the melodies played on violin/banjo.

You can hear recordings of all the tunes and read more about this collection at
You will get the following files:
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  • ZIP (48MB)
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  • PDF (386KB)