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The Foundation of Inner Healing & Deliverance: Discovering The Soul

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What is Innerhealing & Deliverance? How does it affect our lives? What does it mean to be Whole?

In my years of deliverance ministry, I've been blessed to see countless people delivered from debilitating fear, fragmented hearts, spirits of shock and terror, generational spirits of witchcraft, divination, occult practices, and more. With the continuous need for inner healing and deliverance now more than ever, this training helps bring clarity to lay a balanced foundation for inner healing and deliverance.

Deliverance should not be something that is spooky or strange. It's God's love language for us, his children as we continue to grow in our relationship with Him. When you understand God's purpose for creation, the continuous war going on in the heavenly realm, and why the battle for your soul continues to rage through the ages you will be ready to fight with no fear!

In this training, you will learn powerful principles concerning inner healing and deliverance that shift your perspective and positional authority as a child of the King!
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