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Asia funded startups contact list -

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Download the Asia funded startup's contact list excel file of 3000 startups, 2900 Founder/CEO and 2200 Founder/CEO Emails.

Asia funded startups (Year-2022, 2021 and 2020) contact excel file data columns;
  • Startup Name
  • Investors
  • Startup Website
  • Startup Industry
  • Startup HQ
  • Funding Amount
  • Funding Round
  • Funding Date
  • Startup Founded
  • Startup LinkedIn
  • Founder/CEO Name
  • Founder/CEO LinkedIn
  • Founder/CEO Email
Please check the sample here.

*On purchase you can instantly download the Asia funded startups contact file and you'll also find the Asia funded startups Google Sheet link.

You will get a XLSX (689KB) file