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Retirement Career Planning Toolkit

If you’ve been struggling to understand what retirement could look like, and just don’t know where to even begin with your research and exploration, then this Retirement Career Planning Toolkit Course is for you.

Whether you choose to stop working completely, pivot and change career direction, or you want to mix and match ways of using your existing employment experience and skill-set, the Retirement Career Planning Toolkit’ helps you consider what working in retirement could look like for you.

The self-guided online programme includes articles and practical workbooks to deep dive into what work and retirement means to you. Complemented by UK-based resources, this is a great starting point to research and explore.

It brings together the essence of Sarah’s invaluable guidance, powerful coaching questions and practical, go to resources she shares with all her 1:1 clients as part of her retirement transition coaching service.

Whichever stage of your life or career you’re at, the earlier you start the process of planning and researching, the easier and smoother (and less stressful) the transition of moving into later life will be.

The Retirement Career Planning Toolkit is grouped into 4 short sections, and can be completed at your own pace and in any order.

  • Understanding the emotional and psychological impact of retirement
  • Exploring how work can play a part in your retirement
  • Generating ideas and options
  • Next steps

If you’ve been struggling to understand what retirement could look like, and how to manage your career transition pre- and post-retirement, then the Retirement Career Planning Toolkit is for you.

Course curriculum

What's included in this course?

The Six Emotional Stages of Retirement

Recognise the emotional and psychological stages of transitioning into retirement and beyond.

Letting Go of Your Working Life

A poignant and reflective written activity to help bring a sense of closure and acceptance about saying goodbye to your working life.

Where is my career going?

This workbook includes 46 insightful coaching questions designed to help you understand where you’re at in your career right now and which direction you’d like it to go in. 

Exploring Work in Retirement

Reflect on the drivers and benefits for working in retirement and understand what truly motivates you to work.

Is an Encore Career right for me?

Explore whether changing career direction in later life will provide the opportunities to gain fulfillment and purpose.

What causes do I care about?

Start brainstorming the broad areas of interest you have in causes you’re drawn to or the kinds of people you might want to help or serve.

Visioning Your Life - 24 things to do in retirement

Prioritise what activities and things you want to experience in retirement based on these 24 images and ideas.

How to Create a Wish List for a Meaningful Retirement

Practical tips on how to create a list of goals and dreams that help you focus on living life to the full in retirement.

Retirement Resources Guide

A 13-page summary of some great UK-focused resources to help make your retirement planning easier.

Retirement Transition Coaching Services

Find out more about how 1:1 or couple coaching services can help you take your planing and preparation to the next level.

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Retirement Life Planning Toolkit


Kick Start Your Retirement Life Planning Package

Upgrade and save 12% (if bought seperately) to receive a LifeOptions Profile online assessment and report PLUS the Retirement Careers Planning Toolkit.

Sarah Robinson - Certified Retirement Coach

As a Certified Non-Financial Retirement Coach, Sarah understands there is more to retirement than merely building a financial source to enable you to quit working.

Sarah helps individuals and couples who are looking to better plan and prepare for the non-financial and emotional aspects of this later life transition.

Sarah is trained in delivering the LifeOptions Profile™ which assesses retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas: Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finance and Insurance, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Social, and Personal Development.

Sarah’s insights and experience of retirement transition coaching has recently been featured in the Daily Mail, SAGA and Woman & Home.

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