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Night Asylum

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Welcome to the Night Asylum! Come on in — join the madness, but don’t stay after dark. From Bram Stoker Award-winning novelist, Douglas Clegg, come 18 tales of mystery, suspense and horror!

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Mysterious children surrounded by houseflies; a strange woman in a small town stalked by a preacher; boys trying to survive a terrifying boot camp; fraternity brothers who find a deeper brotherhood during a wintry Hell Week; a boy named Charlie, who may have more up his sleeve than meets the eye; a cop named Paul who discovers a tenement that opens the door into a place nightmares — or heaven; Nix — a patient in an asylum — who holds the key to the secret geometry of night itself…and more.

Night Asylum includes these 18 stories:

“Where Flies Are Born”

“Becoming Men”

“The Skin of the World”

“People Who Love Life”

“Fries With That?”

“The Machinery of Night”

“A Madness of Starlings”

“The Wicked”

“265 and Heaven”

“Ice Palace”

“The Wolf”

“Why My Doll is Evil”

“The Five”

“Subway Turnstile”

“Belinda in the Pool”

“The American”

“The Stain”

“The Dark Game”


You will get the following files:
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  • MOBI (11MB)



Coming of Age: Three Dark Novellas


The Dark Game: Includes the novelettes The Dark Game and I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes


Funerary Rites


Wild Things: Four Tales


Dinner with the Cannibal Sisters


The Necromancer: A Harrow Prequel Novella


The Nightmare Chronicles


The Faces


Isis: A Harrow Prequel Novella