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Signed Paperback of Enforce Her.

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When her estranged father rented a condo just blocks from her St. Petersburg college, Eden McKenzie finally felt like her life was on the right track. If Dad did anything right, he got her out from under his ex-wife’s overbearing thumb.

But Dad had secrets deeper than his cheating heart.

He was a brother of the Blue-Frosted Rose Society, a secret, and ancient group of powerful men who practiced real-world magic. They owned the Florida building Eden moved into and their notorious enforcer, Lurch, lived in the penthouse.

The call sign of Lurch fit Logan’s personality and lifestyle. He was the monster everyone shied away from. His scars terrified the average person, but his job afforded him the ability to hide behind his monitors for the safety of The Society.

But when a brother begged him to watch over his daughter, the fiery-haired, voluptuous artist became an obsession.

Was putting cameras in her shower and bedroom going too far?

How about sneaking into her condo late at night to watch the curvy beauty dream of a big future in graphic arts?

He peeked at her sketchbook, and it showed him - not as the creepy neighbor who tried to scare her - but as a beautiful beast. Lurch was everything she would never want. He was a dangerous man who would do wicked things to this much younger girl.

Will Logan let his alter ego destroy her?

Or will Eden be the soul-sucking salvation he’d been searching for his entire life?

Discover a Beauty and the Beast inspired story in a tropical setting, where wealthy men partake in sinister rituals, take what they desire, and go unpunished for their crimes.

This book is D.A.R.K. It has the stalker vibes of Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton. This book opens on the cautious content page. I’d suggest you read the full warning before proceeding.