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Growing FREE Together


Our program to TRANSFORM your life, and make your dreams a reality. This is the course based on the book Growing FREE (Financially Resilient and Economically Empowered.) It’s a course for people who want to make a livelihood doing good work in the world. The 50 hour program includes a 3-month long course from April 24th-July 31st 2023, Mon/Wed at 7-9 PM, EST. ALL LIVE CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED SO YOU CAN WATCH THEM AT YOUR OWN LEISURE. And you’ll be a member in our peer group devoted to designing our right livelihoods and building transformative businesses. Plus, you get all of our materials, so that you can help others in your community transform their lives. (*Note, for those seeking permaculture design certification, this program can count towards your certificate hours and payments.)

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