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Eden Redefined

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Eden Redefined (Second Chance Series Book 4) eBook

Eden Godfrey has been a widow too long. Or so her friends tell her. For the first time, she agrees, but she has a more pressing objective. Having sold the family business, which occupied her time and attention for over a decade, she now wants to find a bigger story where she can help people in need. Romance would be secondary. Especially since her brief stint with online dating didn’t end so well . . . as she pushed away the only man with potential.

To the surprise of her friends, she decides to return to college to fulfill a long-term desire of finishing her degree. This will help her find her passion and silence the painful echoes of her past. Just as she discovers a cause worth investing in, she stumbles upon a suspicious scheme that overshadows it . . . and threatens to derail her dreams once again. 

Can she finally grasp her dreams and find someone special to share them with?

(Box Set of all 4 books is Available!)
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