Progressive Mind Center, PLLC now offers a progressive model for therapy: Therapist Connect!

Technology has improved our lives so much that therapy needs an upgrade as well. Progressive Mind Center, PLLC is proud to utilize technology to help our clients receive services on the go. Ask questions, check-in, discuss how you are doing, and receive help virtually anywhere. Connect with a therapist at home or on the go through the TheraChat app. This service can be used in conjunction with private face-to-face sessions, or all by itself. This subscription service grants access to hypnotherapy recordings as well as the ability to engage with the therapist outside of the office. Subscribers will be able to chat with a therapist while receiving reminders and helpful exercises to promote growth and learning. Please allow 48 hours for responses from the therapist. Once subscribed, the therapist will add you as a mobile client and you'll be sent an email invite to download the software. Cancel anytime and continue to use the journaling parts of the platform by itself. TheraChat is HIPAA compliant and secure, but is not part of Progressive Mind Center, PLLC. There are two plans to fit your needs. Please call if you have any questions (772) 213-8881.