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Day of the Christ Pantocrator Sky

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“(...) this will be preceded by the solar eclipse, more obscure and mysterious than has ever been since the creation of the world, except the eclipse after the death and passion of Christ.” - Nostradamus in his letter to King Henri II

This book is a fresh re-examination of Nostradamus’s Century 10-Quatrain 72 “King of Terror” prophecy. Ever since the world-ending comet failed to materialize in the year 1999, many naysayers and skeptics quite often use this quatrain as the number one proof-text to demonstrate that Nostradamus is nothing more than a charlatan and false prophet. But the question still remains, is that for this specific quatrain - Nostradamus saw a vision so compelling, that he thought it was proper to "date" it. Perhaps Nostradamus saw some other hidden celestial event of great religious significance which was to occur “in the heavens” in that fateful summer of 1999. Jonathan Photius investigates events of August 11th, 1999 and tries to answer these questions: Were the Total Solar Eclipse and Fixed Grand Cross alignment of August 11th 1999 a frightening divine omen foreshadowing another great sequence of events to come? And did this day coincide with the birth of a great Christian King descending from of an ancient bloodline, born in exile, who will bring about the conversion and restoration of the world to Christ?
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