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# 6 Hope Redeemed - A Spanish Novella

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She’s grieving her intended’s death. He’s loving her from afar. But will a long-kept secret spoil their chance at everlasting happiness?

Sacramento Valley, 1870. Josefa Stewart yearns to control her own destiny. Pregnant and mourning the murder of her betrothed, she’s running out of time to find a suitable husband before she becomes a Californio nobility scandal. But that doesn’t mean she’ll settle for just any man who comes courting…

Vaquero Santiago Valaquez knows his growing feelings for Josefa can never be requited. So when his estranged cousin makes a bid for her hand, he takes investigating the up-and-coming attorney’s credentials to heart. But Santiago’s probe uncovers disturbing secrets about his own family history that could destroy any prospect he ever had for love…

Convinced his cousin’s intentions are not fully honorable, Santiago vows to warn Josefa even though he’ll sully his own good name. And while the truth forces her to finally notice the handsome man right under her nose, Josefa’s pride may doom her to a lonely existence.

Can the unlikely pair shatter boundaries and family traditions to embrace a joyful life together?

Hope Redeemed is a Californio novella and the sixth book in the charming Of Gold & Blood historical mystery series. If you like deeply drawn characters, sweet romance against all odds, and heartwarming stories of redemption, then you’ll adore Jenny Wheeler’s emotional tale.

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