Thoracic Hurl

by Incendiary Press

A lowly contractor named Owen hates his job at the park. Ever since it was reopened by the Bagratty corporation, it's been going to the crapper. But Bagratty has an idea that will bring the fringiest of the fringe in droves, when he and his scientists create a hybrid that he has to kill to make the biggest stinker of them all. Is Owen up to the challenge? Will Claire ever get away from work long enough to spend some solo time? Can her nephews be anymore annoying and why isn't there a cliff to shove that gyrosphere from? Get ready for a real time-waster, a total butt-clencher and pay little, or throw your money away on a movie with an even worst script! You decide! 

Oh yeah, this is not for kids. In case, kids are running rampant, buying eBooks like crack. 

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$ 1.50

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