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Feeling Brave (Blossom Ridge, Book 4)

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For three years I’ve been relying on Aldric.
After my parents died, he swooped in to take care of me.
It’s not fair to him. I know I’m holding him back.
I’m a ballerina, but only in private.
I’m also Little…but only in private.
My fantasy of Aldric being the Daddy I crave is just that, a fantasy.
What if I admit what I really want and I lose him?

With our age difference, I know we have an unconventional relationship.
There’s no place I’d rather be than with Juliet.
She’s my Little, even if she doesn’t realize it.
We live together. I take care of everything for her while she grieves.
If this is all I ever get with Juliet, I will take it.
She’s mine even though I’ve never told her.
I could take a risk and ask for more, but what if I lose her?