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FUT 21 – Random 88-Rated Player Card for Free!

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In FUT 21, if you are in dire need of more player card reinforcements, here is a Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that will reward you with a random player card of 88-Overall Rating!

Getting the best player cards in FUT 21 is an incredibly difficult task.

Notwithstanding the expensive price tags which come for 90-Rated player cards in the game, one can easily understand why non-paying gamers can definitely have a hard time in staying competitive throughout Ultimate Team (UT) mode.

If you are looking for other ways to recruit extraordinary players in FUT 21, here is one Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that can truly help you with that!

By completing today’s SBC, you will receive an 88-Rated Rare Gold Player Card to boost your UT squad right away.

Here is the SBC in question:

Minimum Squad Rating: 85
Minimum Team Chemistry: 50
Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11

You will need to complete this SBC before 4th September 2021 (Saturday), so make sure to do your best!

You will get a JPG (263KB) file
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