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Introduction to Classical Music: Part II: Baroque, Classical, and Romantic (1600-1900)

Travel back in time, accompanied by three centuries of music!

About the course

During the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Eras, classical music as we know it today really began to take shape. From Bach to Beethoven and many more, learn about the great composers of these eras, the contexts in which they lived and worked, and the ground-breaking music they created - much of which is still performed today!

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About the creator

Sound Garden : classical music immersion was founded in 2020 by classical singer Kayla Collingwood.


Kayla has performed extensively in New Zealand and Europe and holds a Master of Music in Classical Singing. She also worked as a nanny in Paris and London for several years, where she developed a passion for all-ages education. 


Since 2020 she is based in Paris, and has returned to the music world full-time - performing and creating projects based around her mission to share classical music with new (and returning!) audiences.

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