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My Imagination Coloring Book

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Are you tired of buying coloring books for your children to have them scribble on a few pages and then discard them?
Would you like a re-useable coloring book ?
Thanks for trying:
My Imagination Coloring Book
"My Magnificent Bathroom" by Jay Beacham

I see faces and shapes of all sorts of things on my walls, floors, ceilings, all around my house.
I've outlined some of what I see in this coloring book.
Like a picture, then print it and start coloring.
The hard cover is a re-useable book with laminated pages so they can be colored, erased,
and re-colored again and again.
This book is to spark the imagination.
The person's own imagination book can continue for as long as one's imagination can go.
See some shape in your house, draw it and start coloring.
Don't want to laminate, then just print copies and color those and print more.

Someday your children will become very good and this book is a cost effective way for them to practice.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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