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Eternal Shadow

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In the shadows of New Orleans there are no good guys

I never imagined my search for momma would reveal such dangerous secrets.

Setting out with a voo-doo priest and my bestie I hunt for the devil. But my mission is derailed when I stumble upon a house of missing shadows.

I'm sure the devil stole them. Possession of Shadows taken from others will give him more power. Making him nearly impossible to kill,

Things get more complicated as more missing Shadows go on the rise. Not only do I have to find momma I have to find her shadow too.

Failure to find momma could mean death to her and infinite power to the devil.

Because, while this town is riddled with secrets, momma might have the biggest secret of them all.

Can I find the missing shadows and use them to set momma free?
You will get a EPUB (382KB) file
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