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A Place to Belong

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Violet Valentine, equine vet, is heading to Broken Hill for Christmas when her vehicle breaks down on a back road near Bindarra Creek. Fleeing a difficult situation in Brisbane, a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere is the last thing she needs. With no phone service, and resigned to spending the night sleeping rough, she is relieved, and somewhat amused when she is rescued by a dashing stranger on a white horse.

Joe Rossiter is riding the boundary fences of his recently purchased property on Sam, his favourite old horse, and is dismayed by the amount of work he needs to do before he can stock the property with sheep. Perhaps he made the wrong decision deciding to settle in Bindarra Creek? His mood lifts when he encounters a beautiful woman who has set up camp near his creek.

Violet has to wait in Bindarra Creek for four weeks for her car part to be imported, and when the word gets around that she is a horse doctor, she quickly receives offers of employment and a contract at a local horse farm arrives. But the last thing Violet wants to do is settle in one place or give in to her attraction to Joe Rossiter.

Can Joe convince Violet that Bindarra Creek is a place for her to belong?

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