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Elektron Digitone sound pack DOOZY 50

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Elektron Digitone sound pack DOOZY 50

This Sound Pack is a digital item.

50 sound patches for Elektron Digitone Keys and Elektron Digitone users only.

 This package will become your faithful friend for years to come. Anyone who has ever touched the magic of sound is familiar with the problems in the mix. We have tried to create products that sound good not only individually but also in a group.

 Using the mod wheel (patches with a "W" in the name) of your keyboard / midi keyboard you change some characteristics so that you can easily place the instrument in the mix or find new well designed sound. This way you can work with many more sounds
  This is a very intimate library, many emotions and hidden but deep feelings.
  Our task was to create a sound full of life, not static. And the main priority was the task of precise control of parameters. As in the Elektron Digitone Sound Bank kokow 100 version, all sounds are controlled and sometimes have profound changes. But always all changes fit into the core concept. Some were born quickly. Others appeared after dozens of hours of painstaking work.

Thank you for your attention to our product.

Enjoy, be happy and make the world happy with your creativity.


More examples on YouTube: VK SOUND STUDIO CHANNEL
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (5KB)
  • SYX (18KB)
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