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Two's company, three's allowed? From family disputes and unexpected babysitting duties to uncomfortable high school memories, manga drawing and friendships pushed to the next level - the Male Gaze series lifts the lid on six very different gay relationships and encounters. When two become three and outsiders enter the fray, what are the group dynamics at play?

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 38mins HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles where non-English language spoken

GOLDEN BOYS dir. Jill Riley
A thirty-something failure-to-launch and his two successful buddies break into their old private school to try to recapture their adolescence, but troubling memories make it difficult to reconcile the boys they were with the men they want to be. 'Golden Boys' pulls back the curtain on a certain kind of masculinity, revealing fear, denial, obfuscation and compensation - with a touch that is delicately melancholy.

IN BEATING CELLS dir. Richard Kranzin
The sun is setting on couples Rico and Eva and Friedrich and Julia's forest road trip. Tight bonds have formed across the group, none more so than between free-spirited Rico and vertical thinker Friedrich, who is coming to terms with a side of his sexuality that had previously remained in the shadows. As the foursome drink, party, swim and while away the hours by a picturesque lake, the food supplies dwindle, and the sheen starts to come off their idyllic escape.

THE MIDDLE OF A LAKE dir. Guillaume Mainguet
After the cremation of his father, Vincent and his family gather relatives in the back of the family butcher shop for a final tribute. A meal is laid out, bottles of wine are opened, speeches are made - yet there is tension in the air. When Vincent announces to his family that he will leave early with his boyfriend Olivier, brother Thierry enters the fray.

GILLES dir. Jordi Wijnalda
On a Saturday night in the "City of Love", two sworn enemies, frustrated with the way society reduces them to stereotypes, are united in their hatred for someone they despise even more than each other: a gay man.

KIKO'S SAINTS dir. Manuel Marmier
Kiko, a Japanese illustrator on assignment in France, spends her days drawing in the peace and quiet of the coastal dunes. One day she is suddenly overwhelmed by a strange new inspiration, in the shape of a pair of nude muscle-bound lovers who she spies frolicking in the surf. Before long, spying on the men and putting their sexscapades to paper becomes a regular obsession, to the point where the barriers she has created around her begin to crumble, and she can finally break free.

WITH THELMA dir. Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni
Stuck in Iceland due to a volcano eruption that has blotted out the skies, a pair of worried parents call upon their friends Jean and Vincent to take care of their baby daughter. For several days, the precocious Thelma makes Jean and Vincent's lives a living hell. But before long, the couple warm to her and open up to their parenting side. Wacky, funny and full of warmth, 'With Thelma' proves that sometimes, in the face of adversity, there's a parent in all of us fighting to get out.
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