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40 Abacus with ten beads

Share the maths in searching out the amazing wonders of nature outside and/or hiding objects around a room and your child will have lots of experience of handling and counting a number of objects and working out in a meaningful way how many still need to be found to total ten. The language that you naturally share will be extraordinarily valuable – consider how many different phrases we use to mean the same thing- five and five makes ten, five add five makes ten, double five is ten, five add five equals ten, the sum of five and five is ten, add two fives and you get ten, if you have five you need five more to make ten, the total of five and five is ten…….Linked to the context of real objects it can all make sense, whilst without this experience, written in a workbook or on a screen it’s a whole lot more challenging.

Counters to feel for, linked with strong visual pictures on the page, offer more powerful learning opportunities in the next game. Complete the learning with a classic classroom activity, with a fun twist.

Most of content covered mid year 1 UK

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