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It is a great honour to be invited by Cowbridge Music Festival to compose a piece for the Choir of King’s College London that reflects upon the theme of ‘hope’. During the few months that I spent writing GOBAITH, I experienced some immense personal challenges which made the subject of hope all the more immediate.

I thought a lot about how we imagine hope as the light at the end of the tunnel. But the more I explored the idea, I found it easier to think of hope as the flame of a candle. Sometimes the flame is a tiny orange orb surrounded by a field of darkness. Sometimes it is bright and tall and gently illuminates its surroundings.

This piece, GOBAITH, is a depiction of this flame. The piece begins with a heartbeat-like chant — the repeated word ‘gobaith’ — which is perhaps the tiny orange orb of light. As the music progresses, the flame grows throughout the choir with wordless hums softly illuminating the surroundings. The glow eventually becomes strong and bright, a reminder that hope is something that builds over time, and that we must actively practice it every day.

First performance: Choir of King's College London and Joseph Fort, Holy Cross Parish Church, Cowbridge, 24.9.22

This product covers 30 digital licenses - PDF score only.
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