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Out of the Woods: A Collection of Poetry and Prose - Fransivan MacKenzie

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About the Book

Out of the Woods is a mystifying wanderer's tale told in different voices. It contains the whims of people held captive by their miseries, their courage to seek peace at all costs, and their fragile hold of serenity after a long journey on winding roads. Exploring highly stigmatized topics in society, this poetry and prose collection dares to expose the horrors that happen in the safest places and the heaven that can be plucked out of the darkness.

This chapbook acknowledges that we are all shackled by things we would rather not talk about—that home, sometimes, is where the hurt is; that escaping is more on where you are running to than what you are running from; and that freedom is not in the yawn of a highway but in the cavern of a forgiving palm.

Reader's discretion is advised.

About the Author

Fransivan MacKenzie is a storyteller born and raised in the Philippines. Some of her literary works were featured in Transition Magazine, The Racket, Abandon Journal, and elsewhere. At present, she is a staff writer of Germ Magazine, a mental health counselor, and an English teacher. Franz is also the founder of The Fransivan MacKenzie Poetry Mentorship Program. Out of the Woods is her first book.
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