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Finding a Percent Set 1 Digital Activities Version

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Want to help your student master their understanding of how to find a percent?

These resources are perfect for students in grades 7 and up who seek to understand how to find percent values of given numbers. There are 3 versions included: One 20-question assessment that asks students to find a percentage as well as the number a percentage represents of another number and two 10-question assessments that are split up versions of the first.

Students will find these online activities useful for testing their ability to read carefully and solve basic percent problems. You can use these activities as general practice for your student(s), as a test, or otherwise. Note that even though the instructions say round to the 10ths place, leeway was added into the answers to account for some of the other possible ways students may respond. You can edit this in your copy. It’s a quick and easy way to gauge their knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

NOTE: The downloadable resource is a one page document with instructions and the quick codes to the goformative activities. Follow the instructions below or on the page to gain access to the activities.

Goformative Instructions

1. Log into your account at

2. In the top right corner, where it says “Enter Quick Code,” enter the codes listed on the page.

Subject: Finding a Percent (Algebra)

Activities: 3 (Full 20 questions, and two 10-question halves)

Difficulty: 7th grade and up

Concepts tested:

Finding a percent
Using proportions
You will get a PDF (125KB) file

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