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During tender years, a companion can guide you through awkward moments when the heart rules the head, or be a partner in crime in the face of danger. Follow these young men through the highs and lows of early learning, when all around us is new, and peer pressure is at its most pervasive.

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 40mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles.

HEADBUTT dir. Daan Bunnik
Headbutt portrays the desire of fifteen-year-old Tobias to restore the old relationship he had with his older brother Lucas, who no longer has any interest in him.

IT WAS DARK dir. Miwako Van Weyenberg
Nicolas and Victor are twelve year old twins who, despite their different characters, have a unique connection. At school however, their differences cause problems that make them drift apart.

SUSPENDU dir. Elie Grappe
At dawn, in a great classical dance conservatory, a boy falls while rehearsing some movements. Something breaks in his foot, causing sharp pain. But it's exams day and the boy refuses to quit: he tries to face his dance partner and classmates, convincing himself his body has no limits.

KEEP GOING dir. Lin Ya-yu
Elementary school brothers Shan and Jia embark on a simple mission that only a child could appreciate the severity of in this freewheeling, carefree school yard tale. Because Pei-Lin, Shan's crush, is going to move away soon, they make a promise of exchanging their favourite signed baseballs. Meanwhile, Jia has lost his brother's signed ball, leading the pair of them to a nearby park to begin the operation of finding it before they are due back at school around sunset.

OUT OF THE BLUE dir. Mathias Broe
Once again Mads is forced to walk home because his big brother, Anders, is running late. Finally Anders arrives, but during a stop on the drive back home to their father, Mads is confronted with the questionable path that Anders is heading down.

MARS COLONY dir. Noël Fuzellier
Sixteen-year-old Logan is an adolescent uncomfortable in his own skin. Only his science fiction dreams of a better life on Mars draw him away from his ordinary life, which is as equally difficult at home or at school, where he's only seen as an aggressive loser. One evening, he receives a visit from a mysterious man who insists that he has come from the future and that he is also Logan, but forty years older. He then asks the younger Logan to carry out a mission as unexpected as it is important: to save humanity.
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