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Just as I Am - Large Print Edition

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She’s running from trouble, but a fake relationship with a kind stranger might give her the protection she needs and a love she never expected.

Declan King has lived a life of solitude and duty for the U.S. Army. When the deaths of his grandparents bring him home to his family farm, he is forced into contact with people who know too much about his past to simply leave him alone.

Adeline Rhodes makes a daring escape from her controlling boyfriend, planning to hide out in the small town of Carson, Georgia. When Addie’s past catches up to her, she finds herself thrust into a fake relationship to protect her from her vengeful ex.

As Addie and Declan’s chance meeting begins a journey that heals old wounds, they struggle to stay ahead of the danger and deny their growing attraction to each other.

Declan will do anything to protect her, and failure isn’t an option when Adeline’s life is on the line.

Welcome to the small town of Carson, Georgia where a group of friends vow to do whatever it takes to protect the women they love. Just as I Am is a gripping romantic suspense with an inspiring happily ever after.