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If you’re looking for a Betfair football trading strategy that takes very little time and effort, yet provides a steady long-term profit, then the Double Up strategy is the one you need.

With the Double Up strategy there is no need to spend hours profiling matches. 

In fact, the method is so simple, that finding your weekly selections will take just a few minutes even with a busy weekend of fixtures.

During the testing phase, I traded 161 matches and obtained a strike rate of almost 88%. In total, I made a profit of £253.70 (32 points) using average stakes of just £8.

To this day, I continue to make profits using the strategy, helping me to extract money from the Betfair exchange.

If you are serious about your football trading and want a system that really does take very little time and effort while giving you a consistent return, you should grab a copy of the Double Up strategy e-book today.

Content Includes:-

- Introducing the Double Up Strategy
- The Results

Chapter 1
- How It Works
- Finding Your Own Selections
- Games To Avoid
- Trading Options
- So what’s my preferred way of trading Double Up?

Chapter 2
- Entering Your Trade
- Exiting Your Trade
- Profit Expectations
- Bank Management & Staking
- Trading Examples
- My Results

Version: September 2022
You will get a PDF (7MB) file
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