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F2U Paws Up Base!

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Woo! A brand new base! 😄 I've decided to make it free so that everyone can enjoy it ^w^ 💗
If you really want to support/thank me, any donation would be super appreciated! 

It includes canine and feline versions, with and without hair!

- 1 x PSD file
- 13 x PNG files (lines, shading and lighting for each version, plus eyelashes)

 ❌ You must not remove/obscure/edit my signature in any way.
 ❌ You must not use this base for ANY commercial (other than YCH commissions), AI, or NFT related purposes.
 ❌ You must not redistribute this base (do not sell it to anyone else, or post the uncoloured lines/base anywhere online).
 ❌ You must not claim the base/lines to be your own art.
 ⭕ EDIT: You can sell YCH slots for this base now, provided you make it clear that this is a free base. Any donation would be much appreciated if you do ❤
 ✔️ You can edit it however you like (excluding the signature).
 ✔️ You can use this for personal art and gifts.
 ✔️ Please link others back to this base if they ask where you got it from.

You will get the following files:
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PNG (129KB)
  • PNG (793KB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PNG (781KB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • PSD (53MB)
  • PNG (764KB)
  • PNG (748KB)
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