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Getting To Know Us - Family Conversations Game

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Themed Conversation Starters For Tons Of Family Fun

A great way for kids to connect with family members of all ages!

Want to know how to keep your kids entertained in the car, at a restaurant, or waiting for an appointment? Bring along these fun conversation starters to learn a bit more about how they think, what they want, and maybe even something about yourself!

This fun mix of questions ranges from silly to thought-provoking and encourages conversation between parents and kids.

It's perfect for mealtime or bedtime, use it every day!  With questions specially designed to engage kids in the art of conversation.

Print out this fun game for family vacations, or a weekend visiting family! It can be printed out over, and over again so you never lose any cards and can have access to it wherever you go!

-Contains 5 question categories of 24 questions each featuring a fun question guaranteed to get everyone talking.

1 - letter size game board
1 - 7x11" size game board
You will get a PDF (803KB) file
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