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Savage/Against the Wall Signed by Harley Wylde

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I should have known life would throw me a curveball. Or two. Nothing is ever easy. Not even love.

Savage (Devil’s Fury MC 10)
Mariah -- Dad wouldn’t understand why I was dating a cop, so I eloped. Then it all went so very wrong. He caught me, tossed me in the car, and drove hours to the Devil’s Fury. I didn’t know he’d already promised me to Savage, the Devil’s Fury MC Treasurer. A man who set butterflies loose in my stomach at first sight.

Savage -- The dirty cop who preys on women will be taught a lesson he won’t soon forget. Should have known the daughter of a Dixie Reaper wouldn’t shy away from getting her hands dirty. She may be almost twenty years younger than me, but she’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

Against the Wall (A Bad Boy Romance)
Grady: Handyman and heartbreaker. I’m damn good at my job. While my hands have been occupied building a deck for the delectable Madelyn Sparks, what I’ve really wanted to do is trace every one of her curves with my tongue. I bet with just one touch she’d go up in flames. Once this job is done, all bets are off.

Madelyn: Grady went from hunky handyman to overprotective bodyguard in an instant, and now that we’re living under the same roof, I just can’t keep my hands off him. Just one problem… now that I’ve had him, I never want to let him go.