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When Dr. Radisha Brown found herself married to a man who was a serial adulterer, she blamed herself for his callous behavior and used eating as a consolation, consuming the most unhealthiest foods she could lay her hands on.

This self-destructive conduct saw her weight balloon by more than 80 pounds and it wasn’t until she came to the realization that her eating disorder was linked to negative thoughts and was impacting on her mental wellness that she was able to take action.

Fighting back wasn’t easy but it was eventually something that brought her the greatest victory of her life and in her book, Girl, Get Off the Couch: Stop the Self Hate & Lose the Weight, she shows how taking a different approach to the issue helped her to achieve her ideal weight once more.

Now a licensed psychotherapist and breakup coach, Dr. Radisha Brown knows exactly how to improve self-care and mental wellness to create a healthy lifestyle, because she did it herself.

And using the advice contained within this book, you can move away from quick fixes that fail to work and concentrate on defeating your own negative thoughts, eliminating poor eating choices, identifying the trigger points that lead to overeating and eventually find your own ideal weight and greater happiness. 

In this candid, how-to-guide, Dr. Radisha Brown- a licensed therapist and wellness expert- drops bite size nuggets to help readers:

     ★Shatter Negative Thinking

     ★Obliterate poor eating habits

     ★Identify trigger moments that lead to overeating

     ★Establish healthy weight loss goals that actually work ….

      ★And so much more!

Grab Girl, Get Off the Couch if you are ready to do the internal work required to create the life you deserve.
* Bonus: Girl, Get Off the Couch Journal
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