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Self-Care Reset Journal and Prompts

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This Bundle Contains:

– 50 Journal Prompts

– 52-Page Journal (Canva)

– 29-Page Workbook (Canva)

– 2 Editable eCovers (Canva)

On the surface, self-care looks like an easy and amazing way to focus more on yourself and your own needs. It offers physical, emotional, and mental benefits, but it also comes with the challenge of becoming stagnant and feeling like a chore.

This is when you are in need of a self-care reset. When you need to take a look at your current routine, find out what is working, what isn’t, and make some adjustments.

With this brand new journal bundle, your audience can reflect on their self-care routine, and find ways to reset their lifestyle and routines in order to fit more self-care into their life.

Journal prompts provide a super simple and straightforward way to focus journaling efforts on a specific topic. These writing prompts are perfect if you want to help your audience reset their self-care routine.

These 50 writing prompts are about the topic of self-care resets, with prompts such as: 

  • How has your self-care been lately?
  • How does self-care fit into your life?
  • What has taken priority over self-care?
  • How is your idea of self-care changing?
  • What do you love the most about self-care?
  • What do you need more of right now?
  • How have you been feeling lately?

There are so many ways to use journal prompts, from adding them to a blog post, to including them in a course or product you sell to your audience. They are also used in both a journal and workbook in this bundle, so all the work is done for you!

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

The 50 journal prompts in this package have been put into an editable journal for you, with one prompt on each page of the journal. 

This journal comes in both Canva and PowerPoint format.

Use either program to edit and customize the journal, including changing colors, fonts, layouts, text, and more.

They can then print it out and use these prompts for journaling about their mindset journey.

 Size: A4

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva

You will also get the prompts from this bundle in a workbook-style journal. The workbook includes different styles of pages, with 1-2 prompts per page. This is set up with various differently display methods such as lists, journal pages, workbook pages, and more.

The workbook is available to customize with Canva. Only free elements were used, so you do not need a pro level account to customize this!

You will also get 2 professionally-designed eCovers, which are created in Canva.

These covers are easy to customize with Canva for free, including the image, background, colors, fonts, and layout.

Here Are The Modules Included In This Bundle

  • Journal Prompts: 50 Unique Journal Promps
  • Journal: Stylized Journal (Canva and PowerPoint)
  • Workbook: Stylized Workbook (Canva and PowerPoint)
  • eCovers: 2 eCovers (Editable in Canva)

You will get a RAR (357KB) file

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