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The Soul Eater of Flipimoff IV

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It's a soul-sucking job, but someone had to do it.

Conman Ignatz Bauer considers himself an enterprising businessman and scrupulously avoids anything that resembles a common job. The very idea of working for someone else sends shivers up his spine. But when circumstances compel him to accept a commission to deliver an enigmatic package to an even more mysterious recipient, Ignatz discovers the true meaning of fear.

With the ship in desperate need of repair and falling apart around his ears, his AI having an identity crisis, and his bodyguard seriously considering a career change, Ignatz has four days to make a two-week journey across the galaxy if he wants to keep his own skin intact. Complicating matters, the item he is supposed to deliver turns out to be an ancient disembodied entity that may well hold the key to the fate of all life in the galaxy.

With death dogging his steps and little to no chance of successfully completing his task, Ignatz once again does what he always does and trusts that Lady Luck will bail him out one last time.

The Soul Eater of Flipimoff IV is the second book in The Galactic Misadventures of Ignatz Bauer series.
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John Grumbles

Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Great read

This book is just fun. A great sequel to the first Ignatz adventure. If you enjoy a bit of comedy along with an excellent storyline, I would recommend reading this book.


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6 months ago




6 months ago

A Great Read

The first thing I noticed was the listing of characters which made reading the quick reading book easier to understand. It is quick in getting into action and made me feel like I was there with the other characters. Many problems are presented, and very interesting solutions present by different members of the crew. Seems like I could hardly quit reading because the action was so fast and really made me what to know what was going to happen next. Thanks, Doug, for writing this book!

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