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Star Age Play with LLC Brazilian outdoor indoor scenes (in HD 1920 X 1080

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Star Age Play with LLC Brazilian outdoor indoor scenes (in HD 1920 X 1080)

Star is a young model who loves being an exhibitionist and she has always wanted to wear a cast on her entire leg all her life.

At the age of 23, she has just suffered a real motorcycle accident and fractured her tibia, after putting her leg in a cast and staying in bed for a whole day, she calls her photographer friend.

When her friend arrives she starts to wear very sexy pantyhose.

She starts to get dressed, puts on a dress and jumps around the house to get to the living room.

She asks her friend to choose high heels to go out and walk to the fruit market.

Walks for the first time with Canadian crutches. She gets down on crutches from the parking lot to the fruit store, where he sits down and starts talking about his struggles with being immobilized and everyone looking around him.

Star drinks a beautiful coconut water with Brazilian açaí, she draws a lot of attention in this clip.

There are 13 minutes of videos that contain scenes from:

- putting on pantyhose

- showing feet

- close ups

- jumping with plaster

- choosing high heels

- walking for the first time with crutches

- going public place

- strolling through a beautiful fruit and coconut water market

- exhibitionism

You will get a MP4 (732MB) file
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