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Signed Paperback of House of Arsceneaux

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This item is for a signed standard 6x9 paperback of House of Arsceneaux.

Book Description:

Caitlin DeDanann’s life is a hot mess. Recently dumped. Overworked. Burned out. Her upcoming time off is the one thing that has gotten her through it all. Until her boss ruins her vacation by sending her on yet another assignment. What she thinks is just a routine background investigation turns out to be so much more.

Vampire Evariste Gage Arsceneaux has spent over three hundred years riddled with guilt. Guilt over losing his wife. Guilt over a curse that doomed his family. Guilt over being turned into an immortal. Evariste throws himself into the one thing that can provide a much-needed distraction from suffocating remorse: work.

Reunited through an unwelcome business proposition, Evariste stares in disbelief into the unique eyes of his long-deceased wife. Knowing their time together is short, he uses their professional relationship and Louisiana’s flavorful cuisine to keep her close to him, hoping to spark the memory of their love.

Will the two let business dealings over sumptuous meals turn into something more? Or will hot tempers, pride, and spiteful ghosts from the past destroy any chance of a happily ever after?

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