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Presence: Handbook for Enlightened Living

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In Presence, Sa Silvano takes the reader on a journey of awakening to the present moment. She reveals effortless ways to fully experience and enjoy the richness and beauty that is always here. She guides the reader into states of self-awareness and presence in order to release outmoded conditioning and patterns of absence, and shows - clearly and succinctly - how to open up to more beneficial and harmonious ways of being.

This book is more than just a mere read, it is a powerful and transformational journey into the heart and soul of each of us. Presence offers guidance and assistance to whoever wishes to become free from debilitating fears, from constricting circumstances and from negative conditioning.  

Presence opens one to the immense power and potential already present within. This presence in turn empowers the reader to create a more fulfilling, joyful and peaceful experience of life.
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