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I Should Be So Lucky

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I Should Be So Lucky by Liam Livings

Published: 2nd September, 2018
Length: 52,000 words (approx.)

Julian is a flamboyant backing dancer for Australian pop princess, Sallie. He loves touring with Sallie as it means he has gentlemen friends for the night in every European city. Backrooms in Berlin, cruisy bars in Barcelona, Julian's enjoyed it all. And if he doesn't pull while he's on tour, he ends up in bed with best friend and fellow dancer, Bjorn.

Troy, a quiet, gruff St John Ambulance volunteer, and gardener at a stately home in Essex, has just split up from his third supposedly serious girlfriend in the last few years. He doesn't understand why he can't make relationships last. A failed serial monogamist, he's obviously doing something wrong.

One night, at a Sallie concert, an enormous glitter ball falls and concusses Julian. In the recovery room, as Troy is seeing to Julian's vital signs, the dancer feels a spark. Julian doesn't do relationships so he dismisses it as simply lust. Troy finds himself drawn to the confident chatty performer, wanting to get to know him better...

Can Troy put aside his preconceptions to discover who he really is and how he feels about Julian?

Can Julian face his biggest fear of being emotionally vulnerable with a man; with Troy?

Can Julian and Troy, who've never had a relationship with a man, find out if they were lucky enough to have met the only man they should be with? I should be so lucky - they both think...

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