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The Complete Drummer's Guide (Beginner's Version)

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Presenting: "The Complete Drummer's Guide (Beginner's Version)."
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"Learn to play drums the easy way," with this 100 page, interactive PDF eBook (includes 26 backing tracks & works on all devices).

"The Complete Drummer's Guide (Beginner's Version)" is presented in an easy to understand format, that incorporates simplified written explanations, combined with plenty of pics and graphics, to help the learning process along from all angles.

You'll learn the basics of reading drum music, a variety of classic rock beats & drum fills, plus the three essential rudiments (which are the basis for all of the rudiments).

The 26 backing tracks consist of audio instructions (where the exercises, beats and fills, are demonstrated, so you can hear them, as well as play along to them).

Plus there's several "music-minus-one," fully orchestrated, backing tracks, for playing along to.

"The Complete Drummer's Guide (Beginner's Version)" caters for drum students, as young as five years old, and is a perfect choice for any drum teacher, finding it hard to get the message across to young students of this age. 

Interactive PDF eBook:
Please note, the PDF eBook itself is interactive and can be opened on any device.

Being interactive means you can conveniently navigate your way throughout the book at will, simply by clicking (or tapping) any topic within the table of contents pages, as well as by clicking (or tapping) the headings, at the top of every page (which will always take you back to the first table of contents page).

To download a copy right now, for only $5 USD (that's the price of a coffee at Starbucks) please click "Buy Now" (or the "Add To Cart") button, shown on this page.

Good luck and have fun!
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