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Lines in Pleasant Places (Benny and the Bank Robber Book 4)

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As soon as Violet arrives with the wagon train Ben can finally be married. But is she truly in love with Ben, or with the five or six trunks of things her letters say she can’t do without?
When trouble stalks the widowed young schoolteacher, will Ben go past protecting her and threaten both their futures? What will it take to stop a violent drunk determined to possess his dead brother’s wife?

How can Ben save Violet and himself from a ruthless outlaw gang? Will he ever stop paying for that headline, or even live to tell it at all? An avenger of blood looking to settle scores is not the only thing Ben discovers when he helps a man with a past.
Everything Ben has worked and prayed and bled for could be washed away in a day. Can an unexpected visitor from the past change the course of a raging flood with Cascade right in its path?
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