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Ghosts in Quicksilver (Book One: Salt)

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Jamal Kaye is not what you would call ‘destined for success’. She’s a struggling teenager with a stubborn smoking habit (gross), a Facebook page for a private detective firm (employees: one) and an annoying ability to commune with the dead. But soon, she’s stuck with her first case – a missing persons case she already knows is a murder mystery – and before long, she’s pitched headfirst into Ottawa’s supernatural underbelly. Who is Greeneyes? Why do they care so much about Jamal? Time to find out, or become another statistic.

This is the (free/pay what you want!) PDF/EPUB/MOBI download of the first book! GIQ is also available to read on AO3 and Wordpress, and is supported through Patreon. 
You will get the following files:
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  • MOBI (941KB)
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