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Iron Order Motorcycle Club: The year that changed the motorcycle club scene

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This book will look at the impact started in 2004 until now and sure to draw the ire of the members of the club. Expect many negative reviews from members of those in Iron Order. Iron Order M/C has been the subject of multiple confrontations with well established motorcycle clubs and is seen as starting the "Pop-Up Club" phenomenon.Before the Iron Order M/C, it was unheard of accepting Active or Retire Law Enforcement into a civilian motorcycle club. Now, 2018 has seen a rise in clubs sporting the 1%er patch accepting law enforcement into their ranks. The 1%er patch was once seen as a badge of honor to those who are considered Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Now, with the Pop Up Club Phenomenon, the 1%er patch is now fading into history.This will be a brutally honest book about the Iron Order M/C. This book is one of the first that has been written on Iron Order M/C. It will include interviews with some in the Iron Order as well as information that will rock the readers world.
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