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AutoCAD Professional Tips from A - Z

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Designs, Drafters, Engineers, and other technical professionals using AutoCAD® are always looking for new tips and tricks that can help them become more productive and efficient. I have been writing CAD tips for many years as a way for me to document my findings on how commands work and what is the industry best practice. This 127 page pdf document is a collection of my tips that I have come up with over my career as a CAD Drafter, Civil Designer, and CAD Manager. This book is designed to navigate you through the alphabet highlighting commands in AutoCAD® starting with the letter A. *Throughout the book there are hyperlinks to training videos, CAD knowledge network articles, and other information on the command to help assist you in your learning process (*web version only). There is also a dataset which includes drawings, macros, and lisp files that are used throughout the book in the examples shown.
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