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Excel Fashion Tech Pack Template

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Introducing the secret weapon to your fashion brand's success - FIBR Studio's Extensive EXCEL Tech Pack Template! Impress manufacturers and feel confident in sampling with this awesome tool. Download the tech pack now and get started in building the fashion brand of your dreams. 

This extensive excel tech pack template comes with a blank excel file and an example tech pack filled in. The filled-in excel sheet shows you how the template needs to be filled in as well as accompanying instructions. 

If you are stuck or need advice in developing your tech pack, check out our EBook or great tips and tricks.

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The Extensive Excel Tech Pack! 🙌 Here is what it includes and why you need it for your fashion brand.

Cover Page

  • The cover page is a brief overview of the garment, with details such as style descriptions, collection name, desired sample size etc. It will also be where you include a front, back, and/or side view of your garment. This is called a technical drawing, fashion flat, or a fashion vector.

 Call out page/ overview

  • The callout page is incredibly important to point out features and details of your garment to your manufacturer. Use arrows and call-outs to ensure you and the manufacturer are on the same page when it comes to sampling and production.
Construction Details

  • On this page, you will need to go into as much detail as possible about the materials, trims, construction details of the garment. Link these details to do the callout page. 
Measurement Page & Details

  • The measurement page and details will communicate to the manufacturer sizing and fit. Add arrows and measurement points as instructions for the manufacturer to follow. 
Colourway Breakdown

  • On this page, you will need to specify what colours you are wanting to produce the garments in. Include Pantone references where possible!
 Quantity Breakdown List

  • This QBL page is where you list your desired quantities for production, including a breakdown of colourway and sizes.
Label Placement

  • Make clear to the factory and label placements and the design of each label. This includes neck labels, care labels and swing tags.

Logo Placement

  • This page will indicate any logos or prints that are to be on the exterior of the garment. Include details like whether the logo will be embroidered or printed!
Packaging Guide

  • Provide instructions to your manufacturer on how you would like the garment to be packaged to be either sent to you or the customer. No details should be spared!

Bill of Materials

  • The bill of materials is an overview of all the materials and trims you will need for the production. This makes it easy for the manufacturer to source the needed supplies!
You will get a ZIP (5MB) file
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