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Characters pack for English ESL EAL TEFL - Dictionary, Jigsaw and Flashcards

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A meticulously crafted bundle of resources designed to help primary school children learn story characters and build their vocabulary for communication. This bundle includes 16 jobs (plus synonyms) and 4 resources to make learning fun and engaging.

The picture dictionary features 6 attractive 3D animation style pictures per page, with synonyms listed for each word and an example sentence for each word.

The jigsaw activity is a fun way to connect the word to its synonym, an example sentence, a picture, and a riddle.

Two versions of flashcards are also available. Version 1 has all the pictures on one side and the word on the other side. Version 2 has pictures on one side and the word and the synonyms on the other.

This product is designed to help children learn in a fun and interactive way. It’s perfect for parents and teachers who want to make learning enjoyable for their students. Try it out today and see the difference it makes!

You will get a ZIP (13MB) file