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Zeb Carter takes out terrorists.He has never freed them.
There's always a first time, however.

The Taliban want Mir Roushan Pasha, a deadly terrorist, to be released before they will progress peace talks. They are willing to walk away and resume their killing if their demand isn't met.

The Afghan govt, backed by the US and its allies, is willing to consider such a risky move. The region needs peace and stability after decades of war.

There's just one problem.

Zeb knows Pasha is dead.

In Tightrope Zeb Carter takes on ruthless Taliban terrorists, hostile intelligence agencies and treacherous allies, in the deadliest mission of his life, in the most hostile region in the world.

'More! That will be your reaction after finishing a Ty Patterson thriller'

Ty Patterson's writing is up there with Lee Child, Vince Flynn, David Baldacci and Brad Thor
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