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November 6th Footprints in Time: History of the Green March

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Are you a parent or educator striving to ignite the flame of curiosity and heritage in the hearts of Moroccan children living abroad? Look no further!

Our captivating "November 6th Footprints in Time: The Tale of Our Moroccan Heritage" eBook is the perfect solution to educate, engage, and empower young minds while instilling a deep sense of pride and awareness of Moroccan history and culture.

Unveiling Moroccan History in an Exciting Narrative:

This thoughtfully crafted eBook takes young readers on a thrilling journey through one of Morocco's most pivotal moments - the Green March. Written with the narrative flair that captivates young minds, our eBook skillfully combines storytelling and stunning visuals to create an immersive experience.

Educational and Entertaining:

With simplicity tailored to children aged 9 and up, "Green March Adventure" is more than just a history lesson; it's an adventure filled with discovery, heroism, and unity. Through captivating storytelling, we help children comprehend the historical context, the role of King Hassan II, and the international significance of the Green March.

From Historical Roots to Modern-Day Impact:

The eBook offers a comprehensive exploration of the Green March, from its initiation in 1975 to its contemporary implications in 2023. Children will gain insight into the territorial integrity, the unity of all Moroccans, and the ability to unite as one powerful force.

Key Features:

  1. Historical Accuracy: We ensure that all the historical details are accurate, giving children a reliable understanding of their heritage.
  2. Visual Appeal: Our eBook is designed with colorful and captivating illustrations that complement the narrative.
  3. Interactive Elements: To keep children engaged, the eBook includes interactive elements like quizzes, a creative journal and colouring page related to the Green March.

Why Choose "November 6th Footprints in Time: The Tale of Our Moroccan Heritage"?

  • Cultural Connection: This eBook provides a direct link to Moroccan culture, instilling a sense of belonging in young Moroccan expatriates.
  • Educational: It is a valuable educational tool that meets academic standards while engaging young readers.
  • Inspiration: The story of the Green March serves as a source of inspiration, highlighting the power of unity and non-violent action.
  • Digital Convenience: Accessible from anywhere, the eBook can be read on various devices, making it a versatile learning resource.

You will get a PDF (95MB) file