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still lifes by Ron Scully

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“The soothing presentation of the vertical verses in Ron Scully’s still lifes slows the reader’s pace until they become a part of his quieted world. The altered perception in these meditations encourages re-reading. The result can be haunting, as with 'parents photograph / in an oval frame / no way out' and magical, as with time that hydroplanes or a semicolon that can fly. The visual texture of Phil Openshaw’s photographs provides a beautiful and grounding complement to the wonder-filled poems.”

— Kat Lehmann, Co-Founder/Co-Editor of Whiptail: Journal of the Single Line Poem

About the Author:

Ron Scully is a retired bookseller. Since he repaired to the White Mountains, NH, to read and write. He has published hundreds of short form Japanese ku in various venues as well as occasional lyrical poems. He was scheduled to have two chapbooks published in 2020 but then the world changed.
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